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Packers and Movers in Charlotte

If you are planning a move in Charlotte, A Plus Moving company offers packing and moving solutions that can make relocation a walk in the park. While it may look cost-saving to handle the relocation process all by yourself, hiring a moving company in Charlotte, saves you money, effort, stress and time.

When you choose to use DIY moving, you will need to pack your belongings, load them onto a truck, drive for hours to your new destination, unload the items, unpack and organize everything accordingly. On the flip side, when you hire a professional company like A Plus Moving, all you need to do is sit back and relax while they take care of everything for you.

As a professional company, we come armed with all the necessary packing materials, experts who can swiftly load your belongings onto the truck, and licensed drivers to transport your items upon arriving at your destination they offload, unpack and put everything in its right place.

Call us at (888) 454-5107 for reliable and affordable packing and moving services in North Carolina!

Packers and Movers Cost in Charlotte

The average cost for hiring local packers and movers in Charlotte is $500-$1,500 (for a one-bedroom flat) and $3,000-$6,000 for long-distance movers (three-bedroom house). However, for more accurate estimates and moving costs in Charlotte, just call our line at (888) 454-5107. Always here when you need us!

Here are the factors that influence the cost of hiring our long distance movers in Charlotte:

  1. Distance: If you are moving to a nearby place, you can expect to pay less. However, if you are relocating to a far place that needs hours of driving, more fuel and more time to get it all done, then the cost shoots.
  2. Extra services: We offer our clients additional services such as temporary storage units, an additional number of movers or packing and unpacking services in Charlotte at an extra cost.
  3. Volume of your items: The more items you have, the more space they will take up in the moving truck, leading to an increase in the final cost. With that said, check out our flat rate moving service in Charlotte.
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Our Reviews

Our Packing and Moving Offers

As a packing and moving company in Charlotte, we try our best to provide timely, carefully executed, premium, pocket-friendly and personalized solutions for both residential and commercial moving in Charlotte. Our packing and moving offers include:

  • Whole-house Packing: We pack and load all your belongings safely in one day, including appliances and furniture.

  • Custom Crating: Your fragile and specialty items like aquariums, antiques, artwork and pianos are packed in custom crates for safety purposes during transportation.

  • A Customized Moving Plan: We customize our moving services to fit your needs, budget and taste.

Our Clients

As the best moving company, no job is too small and insignificant or too hard for A Plus Moving.

Office or home moves, full moving or packing services, storing and assembling furniture, moving to the next street or another state – our moving company offers competitive rates for any of your moves.

We treat each client with the same professionalism and respect, as evidenced by our customers’ reviews.

Just sit back, relax, and trust us with your move.

Types of Moving Packing Materials

Our company ensures the use of high-quality packing and moving materials for the ultimate protection of our clients’ belongings:

  • Packaging Plastic: This is bubble wrap to cushion fragile materials such as china, glass and ceramics, bags to store and transport your clothes and bedding and reusable containers for other items.

  • Labels and Markers: We use labels and markers for easy item identification during moving and unpacking.

  • Packing Tape: A strong adhesive packing tape is used to seal moving boxes and secure belongings during transport.

  • Tool Set: We use screwdrivers, a wrench, a hammer and other tools to disassemble and assemble your furniture during the move.

  • Moving truck or trailer: We provide a truck to transport your belongings, but if you choose to move on your own, you will need to rent a truck or trailer.

  • Heavy Duty Moving Blankets: These are used to wrap and protect large items such as furniture, couches, coffee tables and appliances.

  • Lifting Straps: They help distribute weight in an even manner, making it easy to lift huge items like large appliances and pieces of furniture.

  • Dollies: We have appliance dollies, utility dollies and furniture dollies to help move heavy items from your house to the truck and back to your new home.

Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers in Charlotte

Hiring professional packers and movers or a Charlotte moving company like A Plus Moving comes with a set of benefits including storage services in Charlotte:

  • Cost Saving: Packers and movers handle all the logistics of moving, like packing and unloading, ensuring you save money and stick to your budget.

  • Safety of Your Items: Packers and movers use heavy-duty materials to pack and transport your appliances, furniture and other items, ensuring their safety.

  • Time-Saving: Hiring professionals save time because, more often than not, they need only one day to move you, making it easy for you to focus on other things.

  • Storage Facility: Professional packers and movers ensure that your items are safely stored in a warehouse.

  • Insurance Cover: You get transit insurance, covering all your items. If any of your belongings get damaged, you can be compensated.

Our Additional Moving Services in Charlotte

At A Plus Moving, we go the extra mile to offer additional moving services to our clients:

  • Local & Long Distance Moving: A Plus Moving company provides both local and long-distance relocating services, ensuring efficient and safe transportation in NC and Charlotte.

  • Commercial & Residential Moving: We offer both commercial and residential moving solutions. We can relocate your home or your business in Charlotte, no matter how big or small your move is.

  • Storage Services: At A Plus Moving, we provide storage units for those who need extra space to store their items temporarily. Our storage solutions in Charlotte are short- and long-term and designed to meet your needs.

  • Single Item Moving: We can help you move single items like a piano, pool table, bulky furniture or an aquarium that you want to be moved.

  • Same-Day Moving: Our services include same-day moving, making it easy to move and settle in your home or office on the same day.

  • Full-Service Moving: We can help you with everything and anything related to moving. From packing to unpacking, our services are all-rounded and not limited.

Why Us

A Plus Moving provides top-notch moving services and guarantees your complete satisfaction with your move.


We perform even the most delicate and logistically impossible jobs: piano moving, fish tank moving, IT and office moving, and custom moving services.


But more than ourselves, the feedback of our satisfied customers speaks for us.

Marina Korchmar

The team that came for packing belongings was courteous & disciplined and all was loaded with utmost care. Our belongings arrived a couple of days earlier than the commited time which was good for us.

Disassembling furniture, packing it for complete safety, transporting it carefully using securing ropes, and quickly reassembling it on the spot is an integral part of a safe move with A Plus Moving.


We provide both your complete move to a new location and the delivery of individual items and furniture of all types and sizes.


We have the necessary equipment in our arsenal to move any piece of furniture, no matter how bulky or awkward, to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to your personal belongings, you need to be sure that your possessions are fully and reliably protected in case of any damage. That’s why all of our moving services come with full insurance coverage.

If you’re planning a weekend or holiday move, we’re happy to help you. The A Plus Moving Group team is punctual and fast packing and moving services; you won’t have to worry about delays.


We also work with emergency teams and can send movers with a van for same-day service.

Our state-of-the-art fleet has trucks of all sizes for your fast and comfortable move. To be ideally prepared for your move, you can also customize the service by choosing the size of the van and the number of movers needed.


Also, all of our vans are equipped with GPS tracking devices to ensure a smooth, stress-free move.

Hard work, teamwork, personal discipline, respect, and constant self-improvement are all part of the A Plus Moving team.


We only hire proven and experienced professionals who have proven themselves to be honest, courteous, and hardworking movers.


This is reflected in work: the team is fully briefed on the job and acts according to the agreed strategy and plan.

We don’t seek to make money off our customers, so we offer great discounts and have no hidden fees, which our competitors so often sin with.


The set initial price is the final price, with no additional fees for the number of things moved or the distance of the move.

Moving Cases
Approx. distance
Approx. cost
Intrastate move of studio apartment, 2 movers, 1 truck
1250 mi.
Intrastate move of 3-bedroom house, 4 movers, 26-ft. truck
800 mi.
Intrastate move of 2-bedroom house, all furniture, 20-ft. truck, 3 movers
530 mi.
Intrastate move of 5-bedroom house, 5 movers
2200 mi.
Moving local is much more affordable than paying for services of long distance. *

Moving FAQ

How do you handle parking and elevator challenges in Charlotte?

We use every opportunity: we book parking at households, if there is a second exit, we use it. If there is no lift, we plan for extra time and labour to load or deliver all your belongings to your new home.

What is included in the service if I book a move with A Plus Moving?

Depending on your needs, A Plus Moving can provide the following services in the necessary combination:

  1. transporting your belongings (this includes hiring a lorry and driver, loading and unloading your belongings),
  2. packing and/or unpacking,
  3. provision of packing materials, including customised and unique packaging to your dimensions,
  4. temporary storage,
  5. cleaning after unpacking at the new location,
  6. disposal of your unwanted items,
  7. transport of special items (fragile, heavy, bulky).

How much does it cost to move in Charlotte?

A local move will cost approximately $915 to $2,500.

A long distance move can cost between $2,000 - $8,000 depending on the distance, number of belongings and extras.

Each move is unique, these prices are approximate. Please, to calculate the cost of your move, please contact our managers for a consultation by phone (888) 454-5107.

How long does it take packers to pack?

For example, packing a two-bedroom house by professional movers takes 3-5 hours. However, every move is different, so we will give you a more accurate time after we have inspected and assessed your home.

Do you do interstate/long distance moves?

Yes, international moves are one of our professional activities.

What can't be transported?

Unfortunately, there are. A Plus Moving main goal is to provide you with a safe and efficient move, so the list is quite extensive, consisting of perishables, aerosols, propane tanks, paint, and more.

Can I order just the move in Charlotte without packing?

Yes, you can pack on your own, and only book with us for carriage.

How long does a local move in Charlotte take?

Local move within the city will take from 3 to 8 hours depending on the amount of your belongings and availability of additional services.

What areas do you serve?

We do moves across Canada and the United States, both domestic and international.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have insurance for all of our moves.

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