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Is your upcoming North Carolina move giving you sleepless nights? Relax and enjoy the beautiful moments your current home and nature has to offer. A Plus Moving Group got your back. We are licensed and accredited North Carolina movers with 6 years of experience. Our reputation and track record are a true reflection of the professionalism and stellar corporate moving services we offer.

To serve customers best, we have increased our fleet of moving trucks from one to eleven over the years. The truck’s size enables our movers to organize and move household items across North Carolina seamlessly. We also offer interstate moving services from North Carolina to the surrounding states.

Our services are multifaceted and include exclusive ones such as piano moving as well as furniture moving.

You can call us through (800) 919-6332 to get an estimate or make an inquiry.

Moving company North Carolina

North Carolina Movers

A Plus Moving Group is a full-service moving company in Charlotte that is well-known for providing excellent local moving and commercial moving services at affordable rates. The logistics department works in tandem with the other departments to guarantee smooth relocation services. If you are moving to North Carolina and want to work with expert movers, look no further.

Our team is friendly and always willing to go above and beyond to make the moving process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. We know packing items into boxes is usually a daunting task to most people. By hiring us, you will enjoy professional pack & unpacking services tailored to ensure that all items arrive at the new property in good condition. The packers will label the boxes and handle them with great care to avoid any eventualities.

We provide moving services in Raleigh, moving in Chapel Hill, as well as other cities in the state and beyond.

Moving North Carolina

Local Movers

A Plus Moving Group has a dedicated team of local movers who specialize in helping residents and businesses in North Carolina relocate with ease. We also offer storage services that you can leverage to keep your new apartment or business premises organized and devoid of clutter. The storage facility is fitted with modern security systems, so the safety of your belongings is guaranteed.

Finding all the supplies needed for packing different items is not easy due to the many factors that have to be considered. We will supply all the boxes and other items required to save you time. The size of the boxes varies depending on the items to be carried in them. The fragile furniture is carefully wrapped to prevent any breakages during transit. Our movers are extensively trained in handling different items, so rest assured the items are in safe hands.

Long Distance Movers

Time is one of the most limited yet most important resources. A Plus Moving Group has protocols that enable us to offer efficient long-distance moving services at competitive rates. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that will ensure your items are delivered within the agreed time frame.

No matter the destination or the size of your luggage, A Plus Moving Group has a moving solution for you. We can also customize the service to meet your specific residential or commercial moving needs. Just call us at (800) 919-6332 today for more details about our moving services in North Carolina and insurance cover.


How much do movers cost in North Carolina?

The range for movers in North Carolina is $400-$3500. However, this is an average cost, and the final cost will depend on the volume of your belongings and the distance from the move.

To get an accurate free estimate, contact our managers by phone at (800) 919-6332 or fill out the feedback form on the website.

Where are people moving in North Carolina?

Statistically, Wilmington, Charlotte, and Raleigh received the most new residents in North Carolina from 2020 to 2023.

How do you calculate the NC movers’ cost, and can I get a detailed estimate?

The cost of moving services in North Carolina is calculated based on:

  1. The amount of your belongings.
  2. Restrictions such as the number of stairs, difficult accesses, the presence of bulky and heavy items, etc.
  3. The distance of the move.
  4. The number of movers required.

Yes, A Plus Moving will give you a full estimate of your move for free. Contact our managers by phone (888) 454-5024 or fill out the feedback form on the website.

What should I do to prepare my home for the NC movers’ arrival?

Before our movers arrive, it is better to organize your belongings:

  1. Set aside valuable and fragile items that require special packing.
  2. Decide which items you are moving and which you are getting rid of.
  3. Request a list of things that the moving company will not be able to move and decide what you will do with them.
Are there any items that you cannot move, and how should I handle them?

Yes. A Plus Moving does not transport firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants, or pets.


We can give you some tips on some of the categories:

  1. If you have a firearms permit, you can hire a special safe for transportation and transport your firearms in it with the help of companies that provide such services or by yourself.
  2. Chemicals and plants you will have to leave in the same place.
  3. Take your pets with you, but remember to provide the necessary documents and permissions.
What is your policy on rescheduling or canceling an NC move? Are there any fees involved?

These terms and conditions come into effect when you sign the service contract and familiarize yourself with the details. Your manager will notify you of the specific rates on the day you sign the contract.

How do you handle damage claims if an item is damaged during my North Carolina move?

Because we have insurance, we are able to handle a customer’s claim if the damage was our fault.

Do you offer packing services in North Carolina, and can you provide packing materials?

Yes, we provide packing services. We also make customized packing for non-standard items and provide secure packing for different types of items.

Do you provide tracking information for my shipment, and how can I stay updated on the progress of the move?

Our trucks are equipped with GPS navigation, and we can track their location in real-time.
Your manager can keep you informed of the movement if needed.

What steps does your NC moving company take to ensure the safety and security of my belongings during the move?

First of all, we take care of secure packing and proper arrangement of things in the truck. If necessary, we reposition delicate items with soft felt pads and secure them with fasteners.

On the way, there is a GPS navigation system that tracks the location of the truck.

And in addition, every our NC move is subject to compulsory basic insurance to compensate for damage in unforeseen situations, such as natural disasters. Extended insurance is available on request.

What are the specifics of moving in North Carolina?

From the point of view of organizing a move, it is important to say that winters and summers have contrasting temperatures, which can impact some of the things being transported and, therefore, require precautionary measures.

Also, the terrain: When transporting delicate items, it is important to be aware of the nuances and plan the route optimally.

When transporting a vehicle, it will be necessary to register it at the new location within a limited period of time.

How long will my North Carolina move take, and how will the delivery date be determined?

The length of the move depends on the distance and the number of items to be transported.

The date of packing and loading of things you choose yourself from the available slots in our schedule.

Your manager will calculate the time of the move based on the norms of work and the rest of the drivers, as well as the distance and weather conditions. As a result, you will be informed of the date of arrival of your belongings with a slight variation.

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