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Its location in the centre of the Pacific Ocean endows the Hawaiian Islands with a dramatically diverse landscape. On one side are the volcanoes of the Big Island; on the other, the busy urban environment with narrow streets in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. This and the climate, with its seasonal trade winds, create unique challenges and opportunities for relocation services.

A Plus Moving Group provides full-service moving and professionalism, thanks to which your move to your new home to or from Hawaii will take place as smoothly as possible and in the shortest possible time.

We will carefully pack, unpack, load, unload and deliver your belongings. Whether it’s a commercial, office, long-distance or local move, with years of experience we’re here to help. We also provide storage facilities, moving equipment, materials, and trucks to fulfil all local moves.

The real estate market in Hawaii is growing and providing exciting offerings, attracting more people to the existing population of 1.4 million. In this environment, it is beneficial to hire a team that has been proven over the years.

Our professional movers in Hawaii have been with us since the beginning, and we only hire those who can provide comprehensive relocation services that meet our customers’ standards and preferences.

We offer free quote, upfront estimate, transparent and affordable payment, meaning you will not face additional charges, expenses or hidden fees. This is so that you know the exact account of your move before it even begins. The best decision to call us today at (808) 468-5111, and let us make your move to Hawaii a pleasant experience. Our reliable moving company can deal with it.

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Hawaii Movers

Hawaii’s economy is based on tourism, military defence, and agriculture. This requires authentic moving solutions for a wide variety of businesses, from luxury resorts to emerging technology startups.

Each member of the team A Plus Moving has extensive knowledge that allows them to easily handle any type of move–from navigating complex roads to understanding customs regulations and paperwork. When you choose our Hawaiian professional moving company, you get:

  1. Initial Consultation: At A Plus Moving, every move begins with a detailed initial consultation, during which we listen to the client’s requirements and specific instructions.
  2. Customized moving plan: The company in Hawaii develops a detailed moving plan that covers all aspects of the move, from packing strategy and moving logistics to moving timeline whether moving in Honolulu or another city.
  3. Professional packing: Our Hawaiian movers use high-quality packing materials, such as blankets, and specialized packing techniques to keep your belongings safe, no matter what size or shape they are.
  4. Loading and tmoving: A Plus Moving’s team of the best movers, trained in efficient loading and moving skills, will carefully load your belongings into a truck and deliver them to your destination.
  5. Real-time monitoring and communication: We use real-time monitoring systems to track the progress of the moving from start to finish and keep you informed about the status of your cargo.
  6. Professional unpacking and set-up: Upon arrival at your destination, our movers carefully unpack and set up your belongings according to the customer’s instructions.
  7. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction: After the move, our team of movers in the Hawaiian islands performs a thorough inspection to ensure everything is delivered as planned. If something is damaged or lost, we compensate 100%.

Movers in Hawaii

Local Movers in Hawaii Islands

At A Plus Moving, we handle projects related to localized moves, for example, moving in Lihue. This type of move involves moving within the same city or town. It can also involve relocation to a neighbouring community. Local moves are usually characterized by short distances. They can have different purposes, such as apartment moving, office and warehouse moving, as well as moving of specialized and fragile items or pieces of furniture (pianos, aquariums). For local moves, we take personalized customer service, which means understanding the unique requirements of each type of task.

Whether it’s disassembling and reassembling office equipment and furniture, securing a piano or even an aquarium and ensuring they are safely transported and delivered to their destination, A Plus Moving is all you definitely use. As a customer, you get a moving experience that is easy, neat, on time and less stressful.

Long Distance Movers in Hawaii

A Plus Moving offers long-distance moving in Hawaii, suitable for anyone looking for island movers Hawaii. This kind of moving entails relocating your home across cities, states or even countries, for example moving from Hawaii to Mainland. The moving process begins with meticulous planning and expert guidance. With a crew of 54 well-trained, courteous and experienced professionals and 11 moving trucks with advanced safety features, you can rest assured that A Plus Moving can take care of your long-distance moves even if you need a commercial move.

Since Hawaii is located more than 2,000 miles from the mainland U.S., we assign you a logistics manager who will organize the moving process every step of the way if you are moving to the mainland or from the mainland to the islands. We also provide storage services during any long distance moving.

We also offer customer communication throughout the long-distance moving process, ensuring that you understand the location of your belongings and have peace of mind about the process.

Not to forget, we add extra packing materials like boxes and bubble wrap upon request and provide timely deliveries supported by real-time tracking systems to ensure your belongings are secure and well-handled. Call us now at (808) 468-5111!

Choosing A Plus Moving for your long-distance moving means choosing not just a service but rather a reliable partner committed to ensuring a safe, seamless, stress-free, convenient and pocket-friendly transition to the new destination.


How do you organize the moving of my belongings between islands in Hawaii?

Most inter-island moves require moving of belongings by sea or air. Therefore, arranging for the transportation of your belongings requires working with shipping companies that provide shipping services.

Are there any restrictions on moving things between islands in Hawaii?

Yes, there are indeed bans on moving certain things, including plants, flammable liquids, ammunition, etc.

Our manager will familiarize you with the full list when you prepare your move with A Plus Moving Group.

How should I pack my belongings to protect them from humidity and possible weather changes during the move in Hawaii?

The most important thing is to ensure that things that are afraid of moisture are packed securely.

We have all the necessary materials for this, just let us know which delicate items need special attention.

Can you organize a weekend or holiday move in Hawaii islands?

Yes, we can organize a weekend or holiday move.
Please contact our managers at (808) 468-5111 for availability of dates.

What is the timeline for moving within one Hawaiian island and between Hawaii islands?

Depending on the Location and distance, the move can take from one day (local move within the island) to 10 or even 20 days if we are talking about remote islands.
This depends on the performance of the shipping companies providing the moving services.

Call our managers at (808) 468-5111, and they will calculate your timeline based on your moving plans.

When moving long distances across Hawaii, do I have to insure my goods?

Yes, we have insurance, and when you contact us to move in Hilo, your belongings will automatically be covered by basic insurance. We also offer additional insurance if you wish.

Do you make moves from the mainland to Hawaii?

Yes, we perform moves from the mainland to Hawaii and back, as well as between islands.

Do you perform commercial moves in Hawaii?

Yes, long distance moving in Hawaii can be both residential and commercial, including we move manufacturing plants or individual bulky/difficult to transport items.

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