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Long Distance Movers in Honolulu, HI

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A Plus Moving is a cross-country moving partner you can count on for moving to your new home or office in Hawaii, HI.

Hawaii is the closest you can probably get to heaven on Earth. The picturesque landscape of the Pacific, coupled with an exotic local culture and the sight of crystal blue water brushing against the white sandy shores – that’s heaven alright! However, people who go for a long-distance move the other way, do so in search of a better life in the mainland.

Our long-distance movers in Honolulu are fully aware of the major routes, be it the H-1 freeway which is the jugular of the region, the Pali Highway, or the Likelike Highway. Try to avoid rush hour traffic (we do too for our logistics) on weekdays. You can double the fun of your moving experience by taking a scenic route while our trustworthy Hawaiian movers take care of your possession. Call us at at (808) 468-5111 today!

Long Distance Moving Cost in Honolulu

There is no single cost for moving across or within Honolulu since it all differs from case to case. When you hire our relocation crew, you can get a fair, transparent, and free moving quote so that you know exactly what you are paying for. The final cost depends on a bunch of different factors:

  1. You’ll have to pay around $50 to 150 hourly for the loading and unloading professionals.
  2. If there’s a high volume of stuff you want to move, you’ll have to pay more for the packing materials needed and for the packing and moving crew.
  3. The same also goes for the number of items to be moved.
  4. Moving delicate items like aquariums or pianos is complicated and thus costs more.
  5. Another factor that affects the interstate moving cost is the distance involved.
  6. It also largely depends on what kind of service you need. If you just need a truck and want to move your stuff by yourself, it will be cheaper (although mind-numbingly tedious). But if you want additional services, you’ll have to pay more.

Usually, the cost for a full-service move covers packing, sorting, loading, unloading, unpacking, setting up furniture, and so on. On average, it falls between $3,000 and $6,000 (if not higher).

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Our Reviews

Our Honolulu Long Distance Moving Service Offers

A Plus Moving is a full-service moving company that will take care of your relocation all the way through.

Our services, as top-tier movers include:

  • A free estimate for your relocation efforts.
  • Thorough packing and unpacking services.
  • Moving furniture, piano, aquarium, and so on.
  • Packing fragile items with great care.
  • Storage solutions for your belongings, both short-term and long-term.
  • Cross-country relocation.
  • Shipping vehicles.
  • Moving appliances (including assembly and disassembly).
  • Custom crating solutions suited for you.

Our Clients

As the best moving company, no job is too small and insignificant or too hard for A Plus Moving.

Office or home moves, full moving or packing services, storing and assembling furniture, moving to the next street or another state – our moving company offers competitive rates for any of your moves.

We treat each client with the same professionalism and respect, as evidenced by our customers’ reviews.

Just sit back, relax, and trust us with your move.

Types of Moving and Packing Materials

Our movers Hawaii know all too well that delicate items can get damaged easily or that a single dent on your precious piano will ruin its look.

That’s why our Hawaii movers do much more than carrying the weight of your belongings. Instead, we go to great lengths to secure your belongings while moving them nationwide via packing supplies such as:

  • Wardrobes
  • Electronic boxes
  • White cuter mailers
  • Thick blankets
  • Fastening straps
  • Taping materials (duct tape, regular tape, etc.)
  • Bubble wraps
  • And so on!

Long Distance Movers vs. DIY Move

You probably think you can move to the mainland yourself. Most people grossly underestimate the amount of effort, planning ahead, time, and resources involved in the business of long distance moving services in Honolulu.

If you were to do things on your own, un-assisted by local long distance moving companies, you’d have to procure all the packing materials, sort all your stuff, load it into a truck after packing, and then move it to the destination… Well, you get the picture.

Working with our movers in Honolulu is not only about convenience (yes, that is our forte, but we bring much more to the table). Our movers have the experience to carry standard insurance coverage, use specialized equipment, and adjust the protocol to your liking to make long distance moving in Hawaii safely and hassle-free.

Need to get your stuff moved without any hassle or delays?

Contact us today at at (808) 468-5111 and get a free quote and moving estimate, and leave all your logistical worries behind!

Storage Solutions During Long-Distance Moving in HI

We recommend discarding, selling, or giving away stuff you can’t move easily or if it wastes space. But still, you’ll be left with a lot of your belongings that you can’t shift right away to your new home or office when moving to or from Honolulu what happens stressful.

Or you want to store away all of your stuff temporarily.

In both cases, if you’re moving from Hawaii to the mainland U.S. or you need long distance movers in Hilo, you can count on our storage solutions.

And you have a bunch of options:

  • Portable Storage: We’ll bring this container to your home and you can fill it up as you please.
  • Self-Storage: You can choose from different unit sizes and pick whatever works best for you.
  • Full-Service Storage: If you want to cut the hassle entirely, let us take care of things for you.

Why Us

A Plus Moving provides top-notch moving services and guarantees your complete satisfaction with your move.


We perform even the most delicate and logistically impossible jobs: piano moving, fish tank moving, IT and office moving, and custom moving services.


But more than ourselves, the feedback of our satisfied customers speaks for us.

Marina Korchmar

The team that came for packing belongings was courteous & disciplined and all was loaded with utmost care. Our belongings arrived a couple of days earlier than the commited time which was good for us.

Disassembling furniture, packing it for complete safety, transporting it carefully using securing ropes, and quickly reassembling it on the spot is an integral part of a safe move with A Plus Moving.


We provide both your complete move to a new location and the delivery of individual items and furniture of all types and sizes.


We have the necessary equipment in our arsenal to move any piece of furniture, no matter how bulky or awkward, to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to your personal belongings, you need to be sure that your possessions are fully and reliably protected in case of any damage. That’s why all of our moving services come with full insurance coverage.

If you’re planning a weekend or holiday move, we’re happy to help you. The A Plus Moving Group team is punctual and fast packing and moving services; you won’t have to worry about delays.


We also work with emergency teams and can send movers with a van for same-day service.

Our state-of-the-art fleet has trucks of all sizes for your fast and comfortable move. To be ideally prepared for your move, you can also customize the service by choosing the size of the van and the number of movers needed.


Also, all of our vans are equipped with GPS tracking devices to ensure a smooth, stress-free move.

Hard work, teamwork, personal discipline, respect, and constant self-improvement are all part of the A Plus Moving team.


We only hire proven and experienced professionals who have proven themselves to be honest, courteous, and hardworking movers.


This is reflected in work: the team is fully briefed on the job and acts according to the agreed strategy and plan.

We don’t seek to make money off our customers, so we offer great discounts and have no hidden fees, which our competitors so often sin with.


The set initial price is the final price, with no additional fees for the number of things moved or the distance of the move.

Moving Cases
Approx. distance
Approx. cost
Intrastate move of studio apartment, 2 movers, 1 truck
1250 mi.
Intrastate move of 3-bedroom house, 4 movers, 26-ft. truck
800 mi.
Intrastate move of 2-bedroom house, all furniture, 20-ft. truck, 3 movers
530 mi.
Intrastate move of 5-bedroom house, 5 movers
2200 mi.
Moving local is much more affordable than paying for services of long distance. *

Moving FAQ

What should I know about long distance moving in Honolulu and Hawaii?

Hawaii is an archipelago, and moving between islands or from the mainland requires careful logistical planning. It often involves transporting goods by water or air, which is more complicated and expensive than conventional ground transportation.

In addition, the tropical climate dictates its own conditions for transporting temperature- and humidity-sensitive items. In this case, special packing and protection will be required.

Our company has experience moving throughout Hawaii and from the islands to the mainland and back. We carry out commercial and residential moves of any complexity and volume, as well as transporting unique items on request.

Call us, we will help you make a unique moving plan and calculate the cost.

What options do you offer to protect my long distance move?

To protect your belongings, we choose proper packing and secure fasteners in the truck. For example, mover blankets, velcro wrap, corner protectors and floor protectors (anti-scratch), felt pads, and more.

We also offer comprehensive insurance to protect your belongings during the move. We also policy screen our movers before hiring them as a team.

Can you help me with packing and storage during my long distance moving to Hawaii?

Yes, we provide packing & unpacking services with a labelling system, ensuring a smooth process for your move, including moving Hawaii. We provide all packing materials for you, so you don't need to worry about it.

We also have our own secure warehouses with a clinical monitoring system that you can use for any length of time. We will deliver your belongings to the new address at the end of the period.

Do you have a dedicated Honolulu moving crew at my destination?

Yes, we do move both on the islands and from the islands to the mainland or any other destination, no matter the distance.

We also handle special loads such as pianos, pool tables, safes, art objects, etc. We can also move special items like pianos, billiard tables, safes or art objects.

Are there additional charges I need to know about?

You will not pay us a dime more than the estimate. For an accurate estimate, we will discuss the work that will be required, estimate it, and you will know the exact final cost of the services before the work begins (if you don't require any additional work during the moving process).

What do I do if there’s a problem like things are missing or broken?

If there is a problem with your items during delivery, we will take responsibility and cover your damages.

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