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One of the common questions that we get from clients is how to wrap mirrors for moving. Indeed, mirrors and crystal stemware need to be handled with great care to avoid breakable.

How to Pack Crystal Stemware for Safely Moving

Steps for Packing Crystal Stemware for Moving

Here are expert tips for moving crystal stemware without breaking a sweat or spending a fortune.

  1. Purchase quality cell boxes
  2. Prepare the boxes to house the crystal stemware
  3. Stuff the globes
  4. Place the glasses inside the cells on the side
  5. Wrap the glass
  6. Fold the glass
  7. Place the glass in their cells
  8. Top up the box and secure it

Let’s shift gears and briefly discuss how to do each step like a pro.

Buy Quality Cell Boxes

Unlike before, hundreds of thousands of online stores sell quality cell boxes to moving companies and clients. Order enough cell boxes at least one week before the big day to ensure they are delivered on time. If you are on a tight budget, you can borrow used bottle boxes from the local liquor or grocery store.

Prepare the Boxes for Housing the Crystal Stemware

Each crystal stemware should be housed in its cell. If the boxes are not subdivided, use cardboard dividers to create them. Ideally, the cell dividers should fit well and be capable of holding your delicate stemware in position during the move.

Go the extra mile and add packing or tissue paper around the cell boxes to offer the crystal stemware additional protection against shocks during transit. Desist from using the ordinary newspapers as the printing ink can easily stain the glassware, especially if they are wet.

Consider Stuffing the Globe

By now, you already can tell that packing crystal stemware is not as straightforward as most people perceive. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional moving company that offers packing services.

That said, you can save a few bucks by packing all the items and relying only on the moving company to transport and unpack the items. Before placing the crystal stemware into the box cells, it’s recommendable to stuff their globes with packing paper.

The primary purpose of stuffing is to keep the stemware globe intact. Fill it to the brim and be gentle to avoid breaking the delicate glass. Avoid pushing the glass globe outward from inside as the glass is thin and fragile. Also, ensure that you don’t exert too much pressure on the sides or compact the paper too tightly to avoid breakage.

Packing Crystal Stemware for Safely Moving

Glasses Should Be Placed on Its Side

One of the mistakes homeowners make when moving crystal stemware is placing them in the cells in an upright position. Doing so increases the risk of stem breaking. Avoid them by laying the glass on the side on top of tissue paper or packing papers. Ideally, the stem should be laid perpendicular to the corner of the papers.

Wrap the Glasses

Before placing the crystal stemware in the individual cells, wrap the glass with one or two sheets of tissue paper. Make sure you pull the corners of the tissue paper to cover the round brim of the glass completely. Roll the glass forward gently and tuck the tissue paper around the base and over the globe until the entire glass is covered.

Fold the Ends

You will often end up with excess paper around the crystal globe, which could exhaust the space inside the cell boxes. Fold the ends and mold the paper around the glass to conserve space and keep the stemware intact during the move.

Place the Glass into the Cell Boxes

With the crystal stemware fully covered with tissue and globe stuffed, proceed and place the glasses in their cells. The stem should go in first and confirm that the glass fits not too loose or tight but snugly in the cell.

If you notice that the glass is too loose, reduce movement by wrapping them with two or more sheets of paper. More importantly, alternate large and small glassware to make the box compact. The more compact it is, the lower the risk of breakage.

How to Wrap the Crystal Glasses for Moving

Top Up the Box and Secure It

Add a layer of tissue paper on top of the cells to prevent movement. This additional layer also cushions the glass from shocks during transit and unpacking. If possible, go the extra mile and lay a bubble wrap on the packed stemware to prevent movement. Finally, secure the box and label it to avoid confusion during the packing and unpacking. Use strong sealing or packing tape to close the box flaps.

Closing Remarks

If you have been wondering how to pack crystal stemware for moving, now you know how to do it right. Adjust your schedule to get ample time to prep the crystal stemware for the move. Please don’t hesitate to contact A Plus Moving Group at (800) 919-6332 for professional help if you encounter any challenges when packing crystal stemware. Good luck!