Moving day can be all kinds of stressful. It can be both a physical and mental strain that is not easy to handle. The urge to get rid of the old and start with the new is a valid one. Especially in a case where the move is in an unpleasant situation, we may be tempted to throw out a lot of things in a fit.

What are some things that you may have that you might think can be thrown away but may be important? Here are some things not to toss when moving.

things not to toss during the moving

Old Papers And Documents

Some of the first things to get thrown out when moving are old papers and documents. They may seem useless, but these documents can contain personal information:

  1. old school books
  2. bank statements
  3. medical records
  4. tax records
  5. work files
  6. other important documents

These papers can have important information that may be difficult to replace or duplicate. They can also become a danger to you if found. They can be used by unsavory people for fraudulent purposes. These papers should be held and kept safe. Some more advice: any paper that you do want to get rid of should be shredded to erase the information, then recycled. Throwing it away leaves your personal information exposed and causes pollution.

Old Clothes

Throwing away clothes is almost always a waste. Instead, you can give away clothes to friends or family. You can also give some away to charity. Even very ratty items that you cannot give away can be used as rags or towels later. You will always need an outfit that you can get dirty in while doing some housework. So keep a few torn t-shirts and worn pants around that you can use to do some dirty work.

Outdated Electronic Devices

Old devices, such as personal computers, flip phones, laptops, and others often still hold personal information. For the same reason you should be careful with documents, you should also be careful with old devices. Your data can still be accessed and used even if the device does not work for you anymore. In addition, it is not very safe to simply throw away old phones especially as they can contain hazardous materials sometimes. Recycling and proper disposal is surely much better than simply throwing them in the garbage.

Hazardous Or Dangerous Materials

There are quite a few common household items that contain dangerous elements or compounds. They can cause a lot of harm to the environment and are often toxic to humans. These things should not be thrown away. Here’s a table of some dangerous materials and how they should be properly discarded;

  1. Tires: they contain metal liners that can puncture landfill liners. Solution: Your local mechanic should be able to take care of your old tires when you do changes. Or some recycling agencies are equipped to handle them.
  2. Batteries: Batteries of any kind contain a whole bunch of different dangerous elements and skills never be thrown away.  Solution: Retail collection outlets can collect batteries for proper recycling. Li-ion or zinc silver oxide batteries need special hazardous waste disposal.
  3. Engine oil: Engine oil is a very strong water contaminant that can destroy water supplies. Solution: Your local mechanic will usually be able to collect used engine oil and take it to the right place. You can take it to a recycling station but always seal it in a plastic container beforehand.

which things not to toss when moving

Old Photographs

The smartphone has made the physical picture nearly obsolete in everyday life. But most families will have at least a few photos from a time when smartphones were not yet everywhere. A good photo album can help you organize photos. It will help you keep a lot of pictures in a space not much larger than a standard school textbook.

Even with phone cameras, a good album can be a nice item to have around the house, full of memories. It is worth noting that if you have to get rid of physical pictures, the photos can be digitalized and you can keep the files instead. Even then, that just does not have the same effect as hard copies. Recycling the photos is always better than simply throwing the hem out.

Ancestral Heirlooms

Anything passed down for generations in a family should probably be kept so that it can continue to be passed down for more generations. Well, except if it is a dangerous weapon or contains extremist paraphernalia from the past. While it is easy to assume that those things are worthless, they might not be. A little research could reveal the historical significance of antiques that may not look like much. In any case, the physical value should not be the only deciding factor about such things.

Carefully consider anything you want to toss. Whether it might be more useful than you think, may be dangerous to simply throw away, or it still has value. Contact A Plus Moving Group at (800) 919-6332 to get the best full-service moving in town!