When moving to new premises, you must ensure everything is packed correctly to avoid breakages and losses. A Plus Moving is a fully licensed company that takes pride in offering quality and affordable residential and commercial moving services. One of the questions that clients ask when prepping for a move is how to wrap mirrors for moving.

Indeed, mirrors are delicate and need to be handled with great care. Otherwise, if the mirrors break, shards of glass could cut the movers or yourself when packing or unpacking. There are many blogs online with information on the specific steps to pack mirrors for moving. Unfortunately, most of them are erroneous.

Not anymore; here are expert tips on how to move a mirror like a professional.

How to Pack Mirrors for Moving Safely

How to Protect Mirror Corners

Packing a large mirror is difficult compared to smaller mirrors, especially because of the many corners. You don’t need to prep the mirror if it’s housed in a frame, but if not, you should buy cardboard or rubber mirror corner protectors. You can buy them online or request the moving company to provide them.

Prevent the Mirror Shattering When Moving

Shocks during transit can result in mirror shattering. Prevent this by covering the mirror’s surface using masking tape. Buy enough masking tape to form an X-shape on the mirror running from adjacent corners. Apart from preventing shattering, the masking tape safeguards the frame’s integrity.

Consider Covering the Mirror With a Cardboard

Like other delicate households such as stemware, mirrors should be covered.

  1. The best way of covering your mirrors is by using a sturdy telescoping picture box. This box is not only flat but also expandable to suit the size of the mirror and frame.
  2. If you are on a tight budget, you can cut the ordinary cardboard into two and use it for the same purpose. However, ensure you leave at least a ½-inch allowance on each side to secure the mirror’s edges using the wrapping tape. Also, the tape should be wrapped horizontally and vertically on the mirror.

Use Cushion Foam Sheets or Styrofoam

Styrofoam and cushioning foam are the most effective materials for packing a large mirror. Wrap the mirror on the front and back with at least ¼ inch thick cushion foam or Styrofoam. After that, add another layer of protection by placing pieces of cardboard over the foam. Then use the packing tape to secure the cushioning foam and cardboard on the mirror.

Packing the Mirror for Moving

Use Bubble Wraps or Towels

By now, you already know you need ample time to prepare to move a mirror to your new apartment. Styrofoam or cushion foam sheets are unavailable; you can wrap the mirror with bubble wraps or towels.

The two can also be used as an additional layer of protection against breakage and shattering.

  1. First, you need first to wrap the mirror using cardboard.
  2. Then cover the whole mirror with sheets of bubble wrap and towels.
  3. Finally, secure the whole package with tape to ensure no section is left exposed.

Remember to Label the Mirror

Labeling helps prevent confusion during the unpacking and packing process by guiding the movers in handling the different packages. Once you are done wrapping the mirror, label the package as fragile using capital letters. The label should be on both sides for easier identification regardless of how the movers carry it to the house.

Ensure It’s Loaded Properly

The above steps to pack mirrors for moving will significantly reduce the risk of breakage and shattering. However, all the hard work will be in vain if the mirrors are not loaded properly in the moving truck.

The rule of thumb is that the mirrors should be transported in an upright position and, if possible, placed between other stacked boxes. The boxes will protect the mirrors from shocks and prevent movement during transit. These boxes shouldn’t be too close together as they could exert unnecessary pressure on the mirror resulting in breakage.

Final Thoughts

The above tips will guide you through the process of packing a large mirror without straining yourself too much. If you decide to wrap the mirror using Styrofoam or cushion foam, ensure you purchase them from a reputable store to get value for money.

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