People are drawn to living in different parts of the country for various reasons. But then, the cost of living is usually a significant factor for a large move from New York to North Carolina.

The standard of living and salaries vary significantly between states, so understanding what costs you may encounter is always necessary before moving. With that in mind, you can compare the cost of living between these North Carolina and New York.

Moving expenses like hiring a moving truck or relocation services can be costly, but the price difference will significantly depend on where you live. Also, utilities such as energy can be more affordable in some areas compared to others. So, you must always explore all the available options before moving.

cost of living in New York

Housing costs in New York vs North Carolina

You must consider a few factors when comparing the cost of living in New York and the cost of living in North Carolina because housing cost is a crucial component to give you the precise budget for either state.

Generally, housing in New York is more expensive than in North Carolina. For example, the median home value in New York is around $400,000, compared to North Carolina, which is around $270,000. So, renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost between $2,000 and $2,500 per month in New York City, compared to about $800 in Raleigh or Charlotte.

In another example, the median salary in New York is about 10% higher than in North Carolina. However, the overall living standard in NY might not be as significant as it is in NC because of the high cost of housing, goods, and services. This means that homeowners who move from North Carolina to New York should earn more to maintain the same living standards.

Today, potential movers can use a cost of living calculator to compare the two cities and accurately estimate how much more money is required to maintain their lifestyle in New York compared to North Carolina.

Here is a table that provides a glance at the difference between housing and other costs in both states:


Location Housing Living Wage Moving Truck
New York $400,000 10% higher Around $1,200
North Carolina $270,000 10% lower Around $800


Transportation Costs in New York vs North Carolina

Transportation cost is another crucial factor you must consider when comparing the cost of living expenses between New York and North Carolina. Moving truck rentals can be quite costly in both states, although it can be slightly cheaper in North Carolina than in New York. In addition, it would be best to contact a reputable moving company or movers to get an accurate estimate of the moving truck rental costs.

Here is a table indicating some average estimated rates for renting a truck for different lengths of time:


Location 24-Hour Rental (USD) 48-Hour Rental (USD) Weekly Rental (USD)
New York $150 – $250 $200 – $400 Around $800 – $1,000
North Carolina $125 – $225 $175 – $350 Around $600 – $850


Public transport in New York is much more comprehensive than in North Carolina. In New York, for example, you can find an extensive subway system and multiple bus routes than in North Carolina, where the closest thing is the local bus system.

cost of living in North Carolina

Food Prices in New York vs North Carolina

According to economic research, the cost of food is one of the biggest concerns for anyone considering moving to a new state. Surprisingly, the difference in the food cost between New York and North Carolina can be significant. However, you can still save a lot if you move to North Carolina.

For instance, the average cost for a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in North Carolina is around 12% cheaper than in New York, which is $11 and $13, respectively. If you are buying groceries, the average price of 1 kg (2 lb.) of chicken is about 8% cheaper in North Carolina ($4.50) than it is in New York ($4.90).

If you want to buy milk at a grocery store, you’ll find that the average price in NY is about $2.86 per gallon, while it is around $2.82 per gallon on average in North Carolina.

The same price of groceries goes for other food items as well. Buying eggs in New York will cost around $3.00 per dozen, while the average price is around $2.73 per dozen in North Carolina.

Here is a table comparing some essential food items in both states to help you understand how much each state will require.


Item New York (Average Price) North Carolina (Average Price)
Milk $2.86 per gallon $2.82 per gallon
Eggs $3.00 per dozen $2.73 per dozen
Bread $2.19/loaf $1.92/loaf


Entertainment costs New York vs North Carolina

The entertainment cost in NY and North Carolina can vary extensively. So, you must always consider it before deciding to relocate. But generally, New York has higher entertainment prices than North Carolina.

New York costs slightly more than North Carolina when going to the cinema or buying concert tickets. Movie tickets in New York can be around $15 per ticket, while the same can be as low as $7 in North Carolina. Concert tickets are also more expensive in New York City than in other smaller cities and towns across North Carolina.

Here is a table showing the cost comparison between NY and North Carolina to provide an idea of how much difference there can be in outdoor entertainment:


Location New York North Carolina
Movie Ticket $15 $7
Concert Tickets Varies depending on the venue Varies depending on the venue
Dinner Out Varies depending on the restaurant Varies depending on the restaurant
Moving Truck Around $1,000 Around $800



In conclusion, New York and North Carolina offer distinct advantages and trade-offs when comparing the two states. NY, in particular, has a higher cost of living index with significantly higher property prices, transport expenses, and overall living costs than North Carolina.

Conversely, North Carolina has a lower cost of living, with more affordable housing options, lower tax rates, and lower overall expenses. The state also offers beautiful natural surroundings and a favorable climate where residents can enjoy a higher standard of living with lower financial burdens.

So, the choice between the 2023 cost of living comparison between New York and North Carolina will depend on your preferences and circumstances.

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